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tv   [untitled]    January 13, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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. >> good morning good morning. welcome i'd like to call this meeting to order like to welcome you all to the
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san francisco transportation authority finance committee i'm malia cohen to my right is julia chris son and supervisor farrell and image okay may not i thought i heard another one coming mr. steve is the clerk i'm to thank jessie larson and charles i'd like to now let's see i'd like to call roll mr. clerk and roll call. >> supervisor chinning son and supervisor president tang and supervisor wiener we have quorum. >> thank you very much now i'd like to misconduct i instruct the clerk to call the consent calendar. >> consent calendar items it through 4
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considered by the board to be routine and will be enacted by one resolution in the form or forms listed below. the staff is presented if they want to and will be considered separately. >> thank you very much seeing no conversation from colleagues let's opening it up for public comment at this point seeing none, public comment is closed let's take a roll call vote on those mr. star items. >> on see consent calendar supervisor christen. >> i vote to approve. >> supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor president tang supervisor wiener this item passes. >> great you thank you very much item 5 and recommending increasing or increasing the mark thompson company to a total amount not to exceed for a planning engineering services increasing the amount of the professional services to the engineer by one hundred and
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thirty thousand not to exceed increasing the amount by $340,000 needing $2 million plus authorizing the executive director to modify the terms in the non-material contractors contracts with the allotment of 2 hundred and 13 thousand not to exceed 4 hundred thousand for the off-ramp realignment project. >> thank you very much we video a presentation. >> liz the senior engineering it's on page 1 and 15 in our pact fulsome off-ramp realignment project wildest fremont street for the terminal a new traffic
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signal is one hundred percent financed with the successor this is needed for the project area plan to increase the parcel at the fulsome fremont shown as is blockade on the map this is early december the site began on december 22nd with the closure of the off-ramp since then a new earth wall was constructed and the excavated material has been stockpiled on site as hone in the drawing prior to the start of activities the consultant steeptd the effort to the 2010 the clerk will standards for the significant standards from 2006
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standards and we received unexpected new comments from kathy rinses staff for the standards and specifications all construction projects incur change orders for the additional remove of man made objects enkrntd during the renovations the estimated cost is about 55 thousand dollars. >> the excavated materials was tested for reuse unfortunately, one stockpile tested positive for oil and can't be reused it will be off hauled to a repositoryy the second is california hazard material we presume this is lead due to its
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configuration of the road roadways the third area is not yet excavated it is lead contaminated we're working to locate another project site where we can off-load the material those details are being worked out with caltrain timed the stems of $290,000 and finally the rain that the city has desperately 23450e9d as lead to construction details it's now targeted for early may have of 2015 we've initiated the project for the overall budget that amendment is
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expected to be proved on february 3rd of 2015 this was detailed from the january date due to the detailed of caltrain being worked it is taking longer than we expected we ask you approve that asking the thomas contract increasing the engineers construction management contract by one hundred owe thirty he thousand dollars increasing the construction contact and one hundred owe $48,000 and another 2 hundred 13 thousand 2, 3, 4 conformance me are kevin from ocii and tom from the sf engineers should you have additional questions. >> thank you very much colleagues any questions. >> okay. thank you for your
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presentation opening it up for public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. at this time if everything is await objection colleagues let's same house, same call? same house, same call? >> all right. mr. clerk a wall item 67 and item 6 recommended approval the scope of work for the west side strategic plan this is an action item. >> great, thank you good morning, commissioners i might say a few words to the benefit of those watching and the supervisor president tang if you'd like to see this i can stop basically a strategic analysis report or s ar is something we created in the transportation authority meant to be a policy document that sheds light on the
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boards decision for the merging transportation issues that was not dealt with otherwise and because of the policymakers there were designed to be short and length efforts and end up being 10 packages a short end durable about 6 months is typical you'll see in a strategy analysis and as much of the data and work pulling together a bunch of information addressing new data presenting it in a way we have before you the first request for the report that supervisor president tang made and according to the adapted procedures we come back with a draft in which the folks sit for the board to approve and this
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one goes forward with the full board of approval we have one more to go unless supervisor president tang wants to talk. >> through the chair you thank you very much i want to thank colleagues for considering this items i mean we have challenges with the public transportation on the wedding of town whether district 4 or 1 or 7 all those neighborhoods we have a huge population that needs to make trips to downtown or assess south bay that was our focus in the high-level analysis to engage in the fdr we hope after that report as marie said building upon a lot of work that has the forward initiate not trying to reinvent the wheel but backing take a birds eye
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approach as we we can further want to take public transit to the various locations i think this will be insightful for us we hope to gain a set of recommendations after this so it is not just study it is put aside but actual items to approve our transportation system thank you. >> thank you. i'm glad you went down that path it was hopeful helpful this was a bridged document taking the things we've done down sunset the transit unreliability calm as a concern and the works we've done through our san francisco transportation plan we have the goez graphic disparities and you have to keep in mind that people
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make rational choices and those are the occupant automobile trips reflect the liability and the quality of the caltrain transportation available to them so the way the san francisco board of directors sf toicht it's a 3 package document we have history in context that makes it capitulated by supervisor tang and quick digest of some of the quick development studies in the works and navigation to the sunset blue prints all questions will be looking at be closely the sfmta traffic staff for the progress and since the san francisco transportation plan in particular were adapted for switch backs and other things that is wonderful to improve the liability and we'll be looking at two other ones that are
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worthy mendoza the beach master plan with the accessibility in the future and acknowledging this whole shared use phenomena going how that is effectively residents and the travel and decisions in the sunset once we do that quick background analyze it starts to look at the analysis section in there and eco system this is meant to be relatively short and quick but kind of a concrete rejsdz we'll look at the 9 travel data and come up with a travel market within the - has an organ designation where are 0 people traveling, too, and what are the mode for instance, this would be
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students traveling to educational institutions or residents who are trying to get to jobs downtown or in the ed bay and one the aspects we have a lot of dictated but we have interviews to get a better understanding how people are traveling and why then we pick one to 3 travel market we'll dig to a more level of depth and elevate the options currently available to folks and how their applicable to the automobile we'll look at the next step the plans that are in the works that may not be aware that of will benefit the sunset district and how they'll benefit the travel market we're working with and i'll take a wild guessed this is not a big case but moving the
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needle in the lawyers and lastly the recommendations the strategy sections we'll come up with a package of recommended strategies types of projects and policies for the each of those particular travel market and hopefully those will translate into recommendations we can move forward and to make it sound more specific we will give you two examples the f e.c. the names the travel study that looks at the metro and the transbay corridor that offices a change to feed into the n trainline the matt is looking at as well as the express buses from the sunset district to downtown in the ed bay there is a known bans the statistic
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analysis baselines the transit it is one recommendation and another recommendations that makes better use of the transit hub for instance, the bike sharing for the wrlt or other designations in the sunset and after their analysis i had a set of recommendations with all strategic analysis ultimately the board will have an opportunity to accept the recommendations one other comment it is focused on the west side it leans itself to the accessibility issues in the outreach neighborhoods that's timely and all will go into the just want and i'm happy to
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answer any questions you may have. and colleagues any questions first supervisor wiener. >> thank you and i'm glad this is happening it is improving the transit options on the west side of town it's a glazing hole and problematic that is so much faster to go to the east bay than the uttering sunset and particularly richmond richmond side of things that allows the board to do i know it's part of the supervisor president tang project also the housing, you know pretty sure the view that transit view needs to follow housing so in terms of that work is this including 250k9d how housing production will i want to give supervisor president tang a lot of credit housing on the wedding it is the tab both
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to talk about addressing hours on the west side. >> it won't be the focus but the high levels we'll be looking at that. >> and if i can through the chair in response in on ideal situations we'll have a plan for helping transit to move quicker but the nature of the west side we're redundant to build anything my hope we'll get some of the various high-level options in place first but with the mindset in the that blue print we talk about what happens with the potential one thousand units on the west side. >> i was great that the conversation was happening for example, in supervisor cowen's district and supervisor kim's district it will be the two district we're seeing hens tens
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the thousands of units being alleged the t third is unacceptable how inaccurate that service is so the urban needs more and more investment and we need to prioritize those areas of the city so it's foreign and probably talking to residents on the wedding that maybe ethnical it is helpful i found it is helpful to talk about those addressing tens of thousands we're not asking for that level and people really get it when you talk about you how the housing has to be linked ii i that's my $0.02 and commissioners christen. >> i believe i participate in this i don't know the name but a
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similar function will this study will include the data on things like population and notes or information on troiktsdz schools and shopping supervisor wiener said housing clusters and medical centers we're looking at two generatesors of trips i think the through score the planning is tied to transportation we have a different circumstance than in my district but the corporation t is what we look at in terms of traffic great i look forward to the study. >> thank you for your excellent e.r. excellent comments cottage rat with the timeline when changes come along the changes have to be short and long-term
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but the long-term tie better into the land use the staff on the study will be david our deputy city attorney working with the planning distribution and it will be done in house with the way it is proved with the ongoing contract with the issues in the agenda. >> great. thank you very much let's go to public comment at this time. >> public comment is on seeing none, public comment is closed i'd like to just take a moment and briefly for public comment i'd like to take a moment and ask staff to i'd like to direction staff for an s r a maria and i talked briefly but i want to direct you to do that. >> supervisor cohen i'll
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photocopy and thank you, thank you very much without objection same house, same call? item item 6 passing passed congratulations mr. clerk, call item 7. >> satellite and federal update this is an information item. >> thank you. >> amber the deputy city attorney with the authority mark watson sends his regulating regret we couldn't be here not manipulative as changed the only addition to the 59 which is the spot bill addressing the h o p or high vehicle rains this is an information item recommended and other things under the state level our governor signed into office during it's inaugural speak the calling out of the
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$59 billion deficit for the local highways and bridges so given that taken into consideration attention he didn't in his budget have additional funding for transportation so we'll stay tuned to see if anything come up the january prospering proposal proposed cap & trade and one hundred million dollar of it goes to transportation we're happy to see that we're anticipating for the up and coming cap & trade we've seen the january 1st cap & trade was applied to fuel we anticipate a much higher procedures in may which will be divided up according the the formula that was passed an a on a state level
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next week is the first meeting of the technical advisory committee this is a proposed vehicle travel mile fee that was passed last section a 15 member committee unfortunately, no san franciscans but we'll be engaged throughout the pilot and it's implementation on a federal level on december 16th president obama signed into law a continued resolution phenomenon the appropriations bill that freezing froze the transportation funding with a couple of exceptions decreased by a couple of million dollars with the transportation generating economic recovery a federally funded program and eliminated a portion we're upset to see go the transportation portion this funding with m puc
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received last year for the transmitted core capacity study that was referenced in the last section another slight change a bump up in the funding that is supporting currently supporting the subway project and with that i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. or to forward them on to mark to answer. >> i don't see any questions we'll go ahead and take public comment any public comment on item 7 seeing none, public comment is closed this is an action item so no vote is needed on that mr. clerk now we take general public comment. >> item 8 introduction of new items. >> that's right item 8 please colleagues any abstractions of new items okay. seeing none public comment on item


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